Understanding Facebook Monetization in Pakistan: The Right Way and Important Updates 🚀

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Exploring the possibility of monetizing a Facebook page in Pakistan has been a topic of discussion. However, it’s crucial to understand that currently, the official answer is a clear “NO.”

Misleading Information on YouTube Channels:

Some YouTube channels claim a 99.9% certainty about methods to monetize a Facebook page. 🤔 It’s essential to approach such information with caution and verify the facts.

Monetization Criteria:

To monetize a Facebook page, certain criteria must be met:

  • 600,000 minutes of watch time
  • 5 active videos on the page

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Unorthodox Method Advised:

Some sources suggest an unorthodox method involving having a friend in a country where Facebook page monetization is allowed become the admin of the page. This person then uploads videos from abroad and applies for monetization, initially providing their bank details.

Important Update from Facebook:

Facebook recently announced an update, adding URDU language to its list of monetizable languages. 📢 This has sparked discussions about the possibility of Facebook allowing monetization in Pakistan.

The Right Way to Monetize:

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that attempting to monetize a page through untrustworthy means is not the right way. Facebook’s policies must be respected.


In conclusion, while there’s speculation about future changes, as of now, monetizing a Facebook page in Pakistan is not officially allowed. It’s advised to be cautious, consider your time and resources, and prioritize your self-respect. Stay updated on any official announcements from Facebook regarding monetization in Pakistan. 🌐💡

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