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Are you passionate about entertainment and looking to monetize your writing skills? Here are ten reputable publications that offer compensation for freelance writers to cover various aspects of the entertainment industry, from film and TV to music and literature.

  1. Fann Fann, a project of Rifelion Media, celebrates Muslim creativity with a focus on stories and characters. They welcome opinion and review pieces between 400-600 words, offering $50 per article.
  2. FlairBox Magazine FlairBox Magazine showcases performing arts like acting and music, paying £50 per 1,000 words for original content submissions.
  3. Cineaste Cineaste explores film culture through articles, reviews, and interviews, compensating writers based on the type of content, ranging from $18 to $90 per piece.
  4. Anime Feminist Anime Feminist provides feminist analysis of Japanese pop culture and pays $50 per article for reviews and analyses.
  5. C Magazine C Magazine focuses on contemporary Canadian art, paying 35-45 cents per word for published work that addresses various art contexts.
  6. Metro Magazine Metro Magazine specializes in Australian, New Zealand, and Asian cinema, offering competitive rates ranging from $80 to $700 for articles of varying lengths.
  7. Offscreen Offscreen publishes essays and reviews on film culture, paying up to $100 CAD based on word count.
  8. Sixty Inches From Center Sixty Inches From Center highlights Midwest cultural landscapes and pays a standard rate of $150 per article, prioritizing marginalized voices.
  9. Crooked Marquee Crooked Marquee welcomes pitches on movie trends and analysis, compensating freelancers $50 per article.
  10. Christ and Pop Culture Christ and Pop Culture explores Christianity’s intersection with popular culture, offering $75 for articles of 1,500-3,000 words.

Remember to review each publication’s guidelines before submitting your work. Happy writing and earning!

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