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Cryptocurrency has become a focal point across various industries, presenting exciting opportunities for writers. Here are seven paying markets for those eager to delve into the world of digital assets:

  1. Bitcoin Magazine: The oldest and esteemed platform focusing on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Seeking articles at the intersection of finance and technology. Pitch tips: Title your subject line with CONTRIBUTOR SUBMISSION + Your Article Title. Contact Pete Rizzo, editor at pete(at)bitcoinmagazine(dot)com.
  2. Cointelegraph Magazine: A newer player seeking stories that transcend daily updates, encouraging in-depth exploration of crypto and blockchain topics globally. They welcome long-form features, analysis, humor, and satire. Contact Andrew Fenton, editor at andrewfenton(at)cointelegraph(dot)com. Rate: $150-$400.
  3. CryptoJobsList.com: An online platform connecting freelancers with cryptocurrency jobs. Covers areas like cryptocurrency, decentralized financing, and blockchain technologies. Payment varies; some jobs offer fiat currencies. Contact: CryptoJobsList.
  4. LaborX: A global online marketplace for freelance jobs, gigs, and permanent positions. Exclusively pays in cryptocurrency. Contact: info@laborx.com.
  5. CoinSutra: Established in 2008, this platform pays for articles on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Pitch tips: Send samples, two article topic suggestions, monthly article commitment, rate, and payment preference (fiat or cryptocurrency). Contact: hello@coinsutra.com.
  6. Crypto Coin News.com (CCN): A news platform seeking contributors for US financial markets, including cryptocurrency, economics, and global affairs. Full-time writers produce 3-5 articles daily, while part-time contributors write 5 or more articles weekly. Contact Pamela Meropiali at Pamela.Meropiali@ccn.com. Rate: $100 per article.

Explore these exciting opportunities and contribute to the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency writing.

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