Discover Weird Windows Shortcuts: Open LinkedIn with a Keyboard Combo! 🤯

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Windows never ceases to amaze me. Last month, I found out you can pause the Windows Task Manager by holding down the CTRL key. Today, I stumbled upon a special keyboard shortcut that lets you launch LinkedIn, Word, and a bunch of other Office apps instantly!

If you’re using Windows, try this: hold down CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + WIN + L. Watch in bemusement as LinkedIn opens in your default browser. Windows watcher Paul Thurrott posted this bizarre shortcut on X (Twitter), noting it’s an operating system hotkey. offers top-quality services to manage and grow your TikTok and Instagram accounts at affordable prices.

Why Does This Shortcut Exist? 🤔

This shortcut is part of the Office key that Microsoft introduced on some of its keyboards a few years ago. The Office key replaced the usual right-hand Windows key, allowing quick access to Office apps. Here’s the full list:

If you don’t have these Office apps installed, the shortcuts will open in your browser instead. It might seem like a complicated shortcut, but all the keys are grouped together on your keyboard, making it feel like button mashing in a game to pull off these Office shortcuts.

Disabling the Office Key Shortcuts 🛑

While Thurrott says this is an operating system hotkey that “cannot be turned off,” there is actually a way to disable these shortcuts in the Windows registry. If you, like me, had no idea these keyboard shortcuts existed, they’re probably not worth disabling. But if you love digging around in the registry, Microsoft has posted the method here.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Today I learned… this weird Windows thing.” Who knows what hidden part of Windows I’ll discover next! 🌟

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