Dish Up Success: Food & Recipe Publications Offering $100-$500+ per Article

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In an age where culinary culture reigns supreme, food and recipe publications stand as influential platforms shaping culinary trends and inspiring home cooks worldwide. Beyond mere exposure, these avenues offer freelance writers a chance to delve into the tantalizing world of food journalism while earning a handsome paycheck.

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1. Life & Thyme Magazine

Life & Thyme magazine curates high-standard culinary storytelling, welcoming contributions from global freelance journalists. They pay between $200 to $500 per article. Contributor guidelines here.

2. Smart Mouth E-Newsletter

Smart Mouth E-Newsletter seeks essays or reported pieces on food, culture, and food culture, offering $500 for articles around 500 words. Pitch guidelines here.

3. Bon Appetit Magazine

Bon Appetit seeks long-form reported articles and personal essays with a strong food angle, compensating at $0.50 per word. Submission guidelines here.

4. Food52 Magazine

Food52 welcomes pitches on personal stories, cooking tips, and original recipes, paying between $200 to $500 per article. Pitch guidelines here.

5. Eater

Eater seeks insightful commentary on food industry trends and dining culture, paying $0.31 per word for articles. Pitching guidelines here.

6. Saveur Magazine

Saveur celebrates global culinary traditions, offering $0.30 per word for articles that delve deep into food culture. Submission guidelines here.

7. EatingWell Magazine

EatingWell focuses on healthy eating and nutrition, paying $350 per article. Pitching guidelines here.

8. Taste of Home Magazine

Taste of Home caters to home cooks, offering starting payments at $100 per article. Submission guidelines here.

9. Food & Wine Magazine

Food & Wine showcases the best in food, wine, and travel, paying between $100 to $500 per article. Submission guidelines here.


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For online writers passionate about food and recipes, these paying opportunities across various platforms offer a chance to turn culinary love into a rewarding freelance career. So, sharpen your pencils, fire up your stoves, and start crafting compelling content that tantalizes taste buds and enriches minds.

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