Optimizing Image Sizes for Your PeoplePerHour Profile: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you facing challenges uploading images to your PeoplePerHour profile? Look no further! Here’s a detailed breakdown of the minimum and maximum dimensions for various image types accepted on the platform:

Offer Images:

  • Recommended: 1280×720
  • Min width: 667
  • Max width: 4200
  • Min height: 500
  • Max height: 2500

Profile Picture:

  • Min width: 150
  • Max width: 4200
  • Min height: 150
  • Max height: 2500

Cover Image:

  • Min width: 390
  • Max width: 4200
  • Min height: 315
  • Max height: 2500

Portfolio Images:

  • Max total size: 100MB (up to 70 files)
  • Max image size: 10MB
  • Max video size: 20MB
  • Max document size: 5MB

Best Practices:

  • Offer Images: Keep it visually appealing, avoid excessive text.
  • Profile Picture: Use a clear, well-lit image of yourself.
  • Cover Image: Make it standout, set the tone for your work.
  • Portfolio Images: Showcase your best work, avoid collages.

Optimize your profile’s visual appeal and professionalism with these guidelines! For more tips, check out our Freelancer Support guides.

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